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ThErE ArE mAny_____in thE ForEst.A.wolF


wolves 狼的复数 同类词: knife -- knives scarf -- scarves

选择c rivers

There are many wolves in the forest . 森林里有许多狼。

A millions of +Sth (百万)表示具体数量时,hundred、thousand、million、billion后面不加s。


There are many trees in the forest. 森林里有很多树。 分析:there be固定句型,一般放在句首表示“有……”,后面跟“有”的东西,此句中为“many trees”,后面的in the forest为地点状语,表明具体在具体哪里“有很多树”。

56 A ( There’s a sports meeting in the forest on the big hill.) 57 B (a horse, a deer and a cat,a dog and two tigers are ...

原题是错误的,既然是 forest (森林),不可能只有一苗树 (tree),应该改为 ___ there __ trees in the forest? 只有这样,由于疑问句不能用 some,才可以选择 A,即—— ~Are there anty trees in the forest? ~Of course there are.

animals any there are forest the in 任何有森林的动物 animals any there are forest the in 任何有森林的动物


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